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Animal Nutrition


Church & Dwight is continually working to provide exceptional products that improve your dairy operationís profitability. Our dedication has led to a variety of feed ingredients that maintain the strict standards of quality and purity you expect from every Arm & Hammer product.

The most research-proven bypass fat on the market, MEGALAC®, delivers the extra energy cows need to maintain body condition and reach their full milk production potential.

MEGALAC PLUS™, which offers the same bypass energy as MEGALAC, also includes bypass methionine to boost milk and component production, making it the milk-check champion.

A concentrated energy source with a unique combination of two essential fatty acids, MEGALAC®-R means more pregnant cows. The highest levels of both Omega-3 and Omega-6 promote improved reproductive performance through higher conception and pregnancy rates with fewer metabolic disorders.

DCAD Plus® Feed Grade Potassium Carbonate provides the additional potassium that forages alone canít, supporting higher production throughout lactation. New research proves that increasing DCAD levels during lactation increases DMI, butterfat and milk production, leading to improved producer profitability.

Designed specifically for close-up rations, BIO-CHLOR® is a palatable anion source that safely lowers DCAD levels in preparation for calving. Research proves that BIO-CHLOR maintains prepartum DMI, reduces incidence of milk fever, retained placentas and uterine infections and, postpartum, boosts peak milk.

In lactating cows FERMENTEN® improves microbial protein production, leading to improved feed efficiency, increased milk production and higher component levels. When fed to heifers, FERMENTEN optimizes skeletal and muscular growth. Bigger heifers can be bred more quickly and enter the milking string sooner.

Our rumen buffer line has been the industry standard since we introduced the concept over 35 years ago. As a means to stabilize rumen acids, increase feed intake and improve rumen performance, Arm & Hammer® Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate, SQ-810® and ARMACAD™-G are sure to deliver.



The ArmaKleen Company is a joint venture between two of the leading companies in commercial and industrial parts cleaning: Church & Dwight, makers of Arm & Hammer® brand products and Safety-Kleen Systems, the premier provider of parts cleaning and environmental solutions. For more than a century, the Arm & Hammer® brand has symbolized economical, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Together with Safety-Kleen - long known for its industry-leading parts cleaning, oil recycling and disposal programs - ARMAKLEEN aqueous cleaners lead the way in environmentally-sensible and productivity-boosting alternatives to solvent-based cleaners.

ARMAKLEEN formulates and supplies Safety-Kleen with only the highest quality aqueous cleaners. These innovative, patented cleaners are rigorously tested and designed specifically for use in Safety-Kleen Parts Washers (but suitable for use in almost all commercial or industrial parts washing equipment). With more and more companies actively looking for ways to protect their workers, meet environmental regulations and preserve the planet, ARMAKLEEN aqueous cleaners offer the ideal solution: a versatile, proven product line that is both earth-friendly and more economical.



  • ARMEX® Cleaning and Coating Removal Systems is the industry's leading baking soda-based abrasive technology.
  • Use it to clean, de-paint and degrease a wide variety of substrates including glass.
  • ARMEX® is delivered using either compressed air or water.

    ARMEX® has a network of authorized distributors worldwide that sell portable and contained soda-blasting equipment systems, parts and accessories as well as the full line of ARMEX® Blast Media Formulas. Soda-blasting distributors can be found here.

Performance Products


Church & Dwight's Performance Products Group is dedicated to providing high value to a myriad of industrial markets. Our customers depend on us to maintain the strict standards of Quality and Purity expected from Arm & Hammer® Brand Products.

As a market leader for over 160 years, we have extended the legacy of the "little yellow box" to a wide variety of new products, grades and applications. From food and pharmaceuticals to chemical processing, water treatment and emerging environmental applications our product and service standards are second to none.

For more information on our products, the markets we serve, sales and customer service or technical support, visit the rest of our website or call our toll free number. (800) 221-0453.



Church & Dwightís subsidiary in Brazil, Quimica Geral do Nordeste (QGN) is the largest manufacturer of sodium bicarbonate in South America. With plants in Camacari, Diadema, Feira de Santana, Itapura and Nova Ponte, QGN manufactures a variety of inorganic chemicals and animal nutrition products. Inorganic chemicals include sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulfide, sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite, barium carbonate and barium sulfate. Animal nutrition products include sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate based buffers and MEGALAC® R.

QGN has headquarter offices in Rio de Janeiro.


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